Legal Licensing

Our patented Snap Pak dates back to 1996. We would urge customers to take caution when dealing with any company offering “snap open” sachets similar to Snap Pak and not carrying the trademark Snap Pak logo/s. For example, Craig Bakken, CEO of Interactive Packaging Group in the USA), signed a Non Disclosure/Confidentiality agreement with Snap Pak and came to New Zealand to learn more about the systems and processes under the pretence of entering into a licensing agreement for Snap Pak in the USA. IPG subsequently patented an almost exact copy of Snap Pak and then sold it to Tapemark, a major player in the North American packaging industry.

More recently, Antonio and Christian Burattini of Easypack Solutions s.r.l, Italy and it’s affiliate, Diapack Ltd, have made groundless threats of infringement against us, where in fact they used unctuous pretences to obtain hundreds of sample Snap Paks. These samples were then passed off as their own invention at an Emballage trade show in France.

They have also obtained their own patent, which in fact directly refers to our patent as the background art for their invention. Their claims that our patented Snap Pak infringes their patent, which was filed more than 10 years after our own patent, is therefore clearly untrue. Dealing with companies not licensed to use the Snap Pak registered trademarks and/or patented product would potentially place the user in a precarious position legally.