Can Snap-Pak be inserted into magazines?


Can we print on the back of the sachet?

Only with random printing and incurs extra cost to be quoted on inquiry.

How many colours are included in the standard price?

Up to 5 colours. All printing and manufacturing set up costs are included in the standard price. The price remains the same for any re-orders as we absorb subsequent printing costs.

What sizes do you have?

Firstly refer to the website, all information is readily available. Click here

What is the minimum order?

10,000 for size A. 5,000 for sizes B,C, & D.

What is the current lead time?

Our usual lead time is 3-4 weeks from receiving the order and art files based on orders up to 100,000. We can advise on anything after that depending on our production schedule at the time.

How much product to send us?

Depends on the product to be filled and will be advised at time of order. ( An example would be creams & lotions etc, 25 liters per 5,000 units).